You’ve asked each other for hands in marriage… which means you have asked each other to dance!


Learning to dance for your wedding is a fun and romantic experience. Like marriage itself, dancing takes time and effort to get it right. Yet when planning for a wedding, time seems to be in extreme short supply.

It is time to let our professional instructors prepare you and your fiancé for your big day. As your teachers we will guide you every dance step of the way, customizing to your needs. Together we will draft up the perfect moment, music and of course… the dance. 


Schedule a 35 min consultation for $15. Your personal dance professional will gather vital information about the wedding’s reception. They will sample your ability to move as a couple and individuals. Then based off of your: ideal dance, song, and the experience you want to create, your committed instructor will then present you with a recommendations.


Using your recommendations from your consultation, enroll in a starter package. You will never have to buy more than one at a time. Yet, dance lessons can range 20 –  40% off with our bulk discount packages.  All dance lessons are personal appointments for you and your loved ones. You can share a lesson with up to 3 people at a time for no extra cost.


Connecting the bonds of your love and becoming one is not only reserved for the day you get married. It’s actually what you do daily when you learn to dance with the love of your life. Don’t just settle for one brilliant moment in your lives when you can passionately connect to your partner every single day in dancing before and after your wedding.

Pictures of Our Actual Wedding Students 

Pricing and Packages

Private dance lessons range from $45 – $90 depending on your teacher and what you enroll for. Why the difference? Well, we have discount programs available for new students as well as those who buy in bulk. Throughout the year we may also run specials. Specific dance teachers and coaches may also run higher or lower in cost per lesson thus depending on their certifications and competitive accolades. Our average starting price is $75 a hour lesson for 1 to 3 people of your choice.

Wedding Consultation

35 Minute Meeting
  • 35 min wedding dance consultation.
  • Sample dance styles with your fiancé
  • Draft up a dance plan going over your music and goals.
  • Professional recommendations and logistics for all your specialty dances:
  • Your 1st dance

  • Parental honor dances

  • Bridal party group numbers

  • Bride and Groom honor dances

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2 Week Trial Program

4 Dance Lessons
  • 4 one hour long appointments.
  • Begin the most popular dances in Tucson and throughout the World. (Saves $120)
  • Classical Ballroom

  • Modern Country

  • Traditional and Contemporary Swing

  • Latin (Salsa,etc.)

  • Start foundations for good lead and follow skills, balance and coordination
  • Draft a dance plan to learn how to dance beyond your wedding!
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Choreographed Dance Program

10 Dance Lessons +1
  • 10 11 one hour dance appointments. (Save $75)
  • Use them with no time limit or experation.
  • Have your wedding dance choreographed to a song of choice*
  • Learn to dance your routine together without looking awkward.
  • Get a video of your choreography so you can practice.
  • Do fancy moves including turns, dips other tricks!
  • Have a final rehearsal during your last lesson to practice performing!
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