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Welcome to Ballroom Dance Schools of Tucson, AZ

As one of today’s up and coming premier franchise companies, Ballroom Dance Schools, we proudly teach Tucson and it’s surrounding cities to dance daily. However abroad, we will travel and coach around the country with our talented: Business, Dancesport and Dancing with the Stars Professionals.

Come alone, come with loved ones, come… for we welcome all. Ballroom Dance Schools has spent decades researching and developing the most up to date, effective and fun dance training. We will use our honed skills, proudly, to educate and guide you. If you desire: basic, social, competitive, professional or even the business levels of ballroom dancing, Ballroom Dance Schools has what you are looking for.

Why Do You Want To Dance?

Every culture, in every time period, since the dawn of time has used dance as a form of communication. Dance generates from a raw human desire of personal expression, social interaction and emotional connection. Our modern lifestyles disconnect us from people, we all know it. It downright makes us fear it. Even worse so, life today causes us to disconnect from ourselves. 

Partner dancing (Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin, etc) combines rhythmic mind and body movement with a classy discipline of social etiquette. Students quickly find that when they learn how to connect to others, through dance, they actually learn how to connect to themselves.

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Lose Weight with dance

Fitness you can't get in a Gym

Shaking your booty is remarkably healthy, and not just in a fitness-and-weight-loss kind of way.  Dancing in general can increase your cognitive abilities, improve your emotional outlook and raise the roof on your fun meter. Ballroom Dancing, however, (in all styles) is unequivocally the best. 

The instinctual rhythm response started by dancing has an interesting affect in your brain. Musical vibrations light up timing circuits that prompt you to reflexively bust a move. This just so happens to be intertwined with your communication and memory systems, which is why dancing can trigger emotional reactions. 

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