Become a DANCer

group Class

all are welcome

$15 -$25/class

Dance Classes in Tucson  

2x UCWDC Classic Couples Division 2 World Champion Lucas Aldrich brings you his award winning method of learning how to dance. 

Used to teach his entire staff, these group dance classes are the only place in Tucson to experience his methodology that can and has, taken a beginner dancer all the way to winning a world championship.



Our group classes go so much smoother than everywhere else due to our simple, yet fun accelerated learning method. Ballroom Dance Schools

However, Tucson locals also love the quality of our dance classes because we ask all out guests to come in for a 30 min private dance lesson prior to just dropping in unannounced and untrained.

Ballroom Dance Schools Tucson

For $15 you will get a one on one with one of the champs. We will prepare you to be successful in our group classes, dance socials and help direct you to which group classes are best appropriate for you.

dance class schedule



studio H0urs

Monday-Friday: 11am – 9pm

Saturday: by appointment

Sunday: by appintment

$15 Dance lesson

Nutrition & Assessments

This class will be athletically stimulating. Hydrate and prep your body with proper stretch and nutrition.

Group Class etiquette

1) Feel free to ask questions pertaining to the content of the class. Numerous questions  will be best answered on a private lesson.

2) Videoing the entire class is prohbited. Please wait until the designated video time at the end of class. Audio recording is always allowed.

3) If the content becomes too difficult, you may sit down and particpate from a lecture standpoint. If more than 50% of the class was too difficult for you, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Kid’s Club

Music in Motion studio is a kid friendly environment. While you enjoy your class, feel free to bring your kids to hang out in the lobby area.


I finally feel like I know what I am doing.” – Audrey G.

“There was so much I didn’t know, I didn’t know. Now, at least I know what I am supposed to do. I can control how much fun I have versus just hoping my partner is a good leader. ” Shanin Y.

“Why hasn’t anyone else taught me this, I have taken classes all over town and no one actually teaches what you do.” – Helen S.

“There is no comparison to what you guys do. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” 

-Dr. Christoph Hader

 “You guys could write a book on how to become a World Champion. I have never had a better value” -Dr. David Couch.