Ballroom Dance Schools

Tucson Dance Studios - East and North West locations.

There is a place, hidden in Southern Arizona, a place that restores your life’s balance, energizes your mood and calms your mind. A safe haven from today’s hustle and bustle, a place that welcomes you with a warm smile and even hotter dancing! There is no place quite like Ballroom Dance Schools in Tucson and we invite you to be a part of it today and every day.

It’s a dance experience worthy of your time.

Quality Education

We strive for your premier education and ours too. Progressively mastering our skills with professionals all around the world so we can bring it directly, to you.

Special Events

Experiences and events that are unique to our community. From the real Dancing with the Stars to celebrity stage shows, we step it up a notch and put Tucson on the map of stardom.

Full Service

From dance shoes to dance competitions, we provide opportunities for you to experience the full spectrum of dancing. Every step of the way we will ensure your service is none other than VIP.

Good dance education consists primarily of private dance lessons with education tailored directly to what you want to do, how you want to use your dancing and what kind of dancer you want to be (functional, comfortable, confident or competitive).

Most students never think they would want to compete or even perform. Nonetheless ask a stranger to cut a rug. You will find that the fear of those things quickly fade. Your training will prepare you to achieve anything your heart desires. Whether that is dancing with the one you love or socializing with new found friends, performing to your favorite song, or striving to be the very best at a world class event.

We are practitioners.

We DO what we teach every, single, day.

Balanced Education

  • Private Lessons 60% 60%
  • Performance/Competitions 20% 20%
  • Social Dancing 15% 15%
  • Group Classes 5% 5%

Our Training

It all starts with the world’s finest dance teachers. Born and bred of the finest dance instruction, your professionals must meet our strict requirements on skill, personality and humbleness.

We meticulously monitor, for quality, at your every step. Testing our teachers at various stages for superior experience no matter what levels our students are in, each teacher becomes deep seeded to bring out the sophistication and orchestra of their individual skills.



Stacey Ellen Newman

Stacey Ellen Newman



A Tucson native, she is founder, co-owner and President of Ballroom Dance Schools. Stacey’s life’s passion has always been to educate.  A veteran of the entertainment industry, Stacey works with proficient dancers famed by Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and the world renowned stage show Burn the Floor, to bring Tucson some of the best dance experiences in the world.
Professionally competing in Country dance as well as, Ballroom, Latin and Swing with all ages of students. Stacey is actively training towards her Country Western World Championship, with none other than her professional and life partner, Lucas.
Stacey will make you laugh as much as she makes you think and is proficient in all styles. She is available full time Weekdays, nights and at least three weekends a month.
Lucas Tanner Aldrich

Lucas Tanner Aldrich

Dance Director


It was in 2005 when Lucas discovered that Ballroom Dance gave him a unique opportunity. In a rare combination of his passions for the arts, medicine and music; Lucas formed new and unseen philosophies on movement and human body mastery.
Lucas Aldrich is a full time dance professional with over a decade of competition and teaching experience. After years in musical theater and show choir he desired to pursue an education in medicine, psychology and the study of the human body in motion.
Lucas will lead you on the dance floor and inspire you off. He leads our entire staff in education as well as the staffs and students of many other studios across the country. He is available full time Weekdays, Tuesday and Thursday nights and at least one weekend a month.
Melissa Stirton

Melissa Stirton

Chief Administrator/Dance Instructor

Beginning dance lessons at the young age of five, Melissa has combined her life-long passion with a full professional career.

Melissa is world ranked as a professional instructor and now rises quickly through the Country Western (UCWDC) and West Coast Swing (WSDC) rankings, as a professional dancer.

Having passed her Global Professional Dance Instructors Association (GPDIA) exam in 2017, Melissa actively continues her education towards judging as well as dancing.

Competing in Ballroom, Rhythm, Latin and Swing for over 10 years has made Melissa well known for being fun to dance with both on and off the competition floor.  

Yes, there is a place

A place that preserves quality, maximizes fun and provides an escape. Without a doubt, it all adds up to a remarkable dancing experience capable of taking you where you never thought possible…