Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Do I need to buy ballroom dance shoes?

  • Ballroom dance shoes are a tool to increase power, balance, speed and most of all safety. However, like having a good glove in baseball these tools are not just limited to the professional athletes.
  • Ballroom Dance Shoes have a specific outer sole made to move easily on nice dance floors with soles made of suede, leather or a series of light weight synthetics. This will help you because regular shoes can either grip the floor too tightly or not enough. When your shoes grip the floor tightly it causes dangerous torque on your knees. If your shoes do not grip well enough, you might slip!
  • Ballroom Dance Shoes are also flexible in different ways. Flexibility is necessary in a dance shoe because it allows a dancer to roll through their feet and to use the floor for balance and power. Ballroom dance shoes have different levels and areas of flexibility to achieve different types of movement for specific styles of dance.

Everyone should start out with a practice shoe as their first pair of ballroom dance shoes. This is a long-lasting durable shoe or sneaker that is compatible for all dance styles and built for your comfort and balance. As you progress into the intermediate levels of your dancing Men and Women alike should work to attain a minimum of 3 styles of ballroom dance shoes: Practice, Rhythm and Smooth. But remember to get the practice shoe or sneaker as your first pair!

How much do ballroom dance shoes cost?

We have seen ranges as vast as dance lessons and are around $60-$250.
The shoes we sell however come from Very Fine Dancesport Shoes. Very Fine Dancesport Shoes was founded in June 1998 and focuses on high-end design dance shoes using premium materials with an affordable price tag. You can expect $60-$99 for stock shoes, some special orders like dance leather boots cost a little extra.

We have a full online catalog for you to view that is optimized for mobile viewing. If you are buying local we have a condensed paper catalog you can view in person with your personal Ballroom Dance School shoe representative.

Ballroom dance shoes tucson az appThat’s right! Whether you are buying online or in-person, The Ballroom Dance School will guide you every step of the way.

We, as fellow dancers, help you estimate your size. We guide you through your choice of: colors, styles, and heel heights we even give you in-person advice on the maintenance of your newly ordered gear.

In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way. So when you are ready to order your shoe, simply contact us here or call 520-261-5237.

Ballroom dance shoes online

Reviews: Shoes

“After I got a pair of shoes from Stacey, I stopped going anywhere else. Her knowledge, professionalism and service go above and beyond. My feet have never been happier!” ~Rita-Marie McFadden

Return/Exchange Policy: Shoe/size exchanges are FREE and unlimited per order but your shipping isn’t; like ordering on Amazon. *Important* No shoe may be returned or exchanged with a SOILED sole so try your shoes on over carpet or a cloth; not any other surface including that of dance floors.
We accept old fashioned green and:  Ballroom dance shoes secure payments by PayPal

“I’ve gotten three pairs of dance shoes from my rep, and I’m amazed at how well they are constructed and fit. It’s almost as if they were custom made for my feet! Stacey’s customer service can’t be beat, and she’s always excited for me when I get a new pair.”~ Diana Layne

“I simply love the shoes my rep hooked me up with. They were my first pair of ballroom dance shoes and they have been an absolute joy to use. They fit like a glove. (Not something I get to say about every shoe, having wide feet). And my heel never slips in them like it did before in other shoes!” Kayla Kraus