Ballroom Dance Classes, Formations & Flash Mobs

Ballroom dance classes

Group learning is one of the most exciting ways to learn how to dance. A group class offers a special learning environment that causes enormous growth in the social ability of your  lead and follow skills. This is because you dance with multiple partners at all levels and get introduced to patterns at a fast pace. Another blessing from learning with others in a group is developing relationships with those you can now practice what you learned with. Learning to dance can be a nervous experience and having a practice buddy offers a comfort zone and friends!

Ballroom dance classes are held all around the city with pre-set dance style and pattern. At the Ballroom Dance School we currently teach group classes by request and offer a full schedule on our Calendar of all the venues that you can attend at. All of the locations we teach at we hold personal group classes for you and your friends or team you up with other students of ours that are ready to join in on a regular basis.

Flash Mobs and Formation Teams

Performing as a unit is one of the most rewarding ways to dance. If you watched the video on your left, I’m sure you felt an awe inspiring feeling just watching them go. The camaraderie that you build among the other dancers, the memories you make, the costumes and the felling when everyone performs in unison. Whether it is in un-expecting places around town or dance events you can be sure to enjoy this form of dancing. Learning together saves on lesson fees when the time is shared with others.

The Ballroom Dance School can partner you up with others that want to do the same. We have created formation teams that have performed and won in competitions! We also do the fun and the crazy flash mobs, from Gangnam Style to traditional ballroom dance classes; it is time for you to act on that crazy urge to bust a move in the middle of a public place!

Ballroom Dance Classes at your Special Event

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Conventions, team building events, work related functions demand something to break the ice once the work is done. Imagine next time you travel to a business 

function instead of staying all night in your hotel room, you got to go down stairs and take a group class with your co-workers. They might be more fun that you think and it is a great chance to network!

“Ballroom dancing is by far the best networking group I have ever been a member of. I have created more quality relationships doing a hobby I love than any professional venue. My business has grown exponentially and I have made friends for life.” -Sean McDaniel

Affordable and memorable, when you love to dance it becomes your nature to want to do it with friends, family and random strangers. 
I bet you have never thought that of a Dance Date or a Dance class at your work Christmas party. Well we have and done it!

Special Events like: birthdays, wedding receptions, anniversaries, single or double dates, singles night’s etc., call for something exciting to help you celebrate. Having a Ballroom Dancer come in and perform or teach a class or both will spice up any party and create a long lasting memory that you can share for a long time.


If it wasn’t for Stacey and the Ballroom Dance School, I wouldn’t have continued to dance, or really even started. I was fortunate to choose to take her group class, a Tango, not the easiest dance for someone who has never danced before. But, she made the entire atmosphere of the class relaxing and enjoyable, and 10 months later, I am so happy to have learned from, and keep learning from such a wonderful person, instructor, and dancer. ~Mairin Hershink

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