Dance Studio Business Plan and Growth Consultants


If you are either starting your own dance studio or you are a current owner, manager or employee of a ballroom dance studio; Congratulations!

Those of us who are “lifers” do everything we can to be involved in the Ballroom Dancing scene, including that of seeking to try and make it a career. Having your own ballroom dance studio becomes the dream achievement of most dancers. Most of us however learn very quickly that it becomes a nightmare to work in this industry and actually get paid enough to stay in it. Most of us as dance professionals have experienced that moment where you have to choose between paying an overdue bill and that sorely needed pair of dance shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard studio owners and managers say they now have to go back to the rat race of the working world.

Owning your own studio is a real professional career so it takes real effort. If you have studied any amount of dance education you have seen how much work just the dancing takes, now add, teaching, human resources, budgeting, marketing and you see how quickly one gets overwhelmed. Running a ballroom dance studio is opening your own business. Except in this specific industry finding any help and training on how to do this is nearly impossible let alone quality help.

The Ballroom Dance School consulting focuses on three major areas.

Sales Training

Sales Training

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Staff Training

Staff Training

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Modern Studio Marketing

Modern Studio Marketing

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Virtual Training

Virtual Sales Training is a combination of downloadable videos, live phone calls, for training and support, as well as online video meetings that can be purchased on specific subjects individually or as a group category of Sales. Some examples are:

    • “Rolling out the Red Carpet: Etiquette towards Students”
    • “Six Stages of a Sale”
    • “The Many Roles of a Studio Owner”
    • “Social Media in the Ballroom Industry: Communicating the way your customers want”
    • “Interviewing and Accountability”
    • “Modern Marketing: The difference between classic and prehistoric business tactics”

“Becoming the pedestal: Teaching dance as a career.”


In-Person Training

In-person Training is just that. We fly, drive, walk or swim to your location. When I say we it means a team, of dance business professionals that are ready to train you to be the best damn ballroom dance studio you can be. We go big before we go home and you can get specific services or do it all! Some examples are:

  • P.R. and Publicity Campaigns
  • Professional Photographer, who is a ballroom dancer, for website, ads, and social media photos.
  • Professional Film Crew, who understands the ballroom industry, for commercials, ads and videos.
  • Tools to track and teach future members of your staff.
  • Staff analysis and reports.
  • Business mind-frame training and exercises.
  • Interview and Accountability training for management.
  • Studio Software support and implementation.
  • Follow up and live support after we leave.

* Businesses grow and change as often as dance patterns. It is important to strive for new and effective ways to improve your dance studio as you would strive to improve your dance technique. The Ballroom Dance School focuses on the management and marketing aspect of successfully running a dance studio. We want to give you the tools you need so you can be your own boss and make a difference in the life of your students every day.

We leave the legal contracts, budgets and accounting to the professionals of those industries in your area and strongly recommend having them on your payroll.


“Stacey is a gifted coach and teacher whom inspires her clients to be the best that they can be, in their work lives as well as their personal lives!” ~ Helen Marie Andrade, owner of Steppin’ Out Studios Petaluma, CA