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Functional Dancer

A functional dancer is one whom can safely dance with another person knowing the necessary skills to be able to go social dancing and has fun. 


These dancers are able to dance the core fundamentals of a dance style to a common social tempo.


Using our accelerated learning system it only takes approximately 7 – 14 hours of personal training to be fully functional in one dance.

A functional dancer understands at a basic level:

  1. 3 Elements of dancing
  2. Standard Frame
  3. Standard Posture
  4. Core Dance positions
  5. 4 Directional Movements
  6. 1+ Dance’s Timing
  7. Lead and Follow Skills
  8. Foundation Patterns


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dance lessons questions
Comfortable Dancer

A comfortable dancer is one whom is able to dance with another person having fun while starting to feel pretty darn good about what they can do.


These dancers have nice variety of steps and can function well with different skill levels of dancers.

Using our accelerated learning system it only takes approximately 14 – 21 hours of personal training to be fully comfortable in one dance.

A comfortable dancer understands at a intermediate level:

  1. 4 Elements of dancing
  2. Custom Frame
  3. Custom Posture
  4. Many Dance positions
  5. 5 Directional Movements
  6. 2+ Dance’s Timing
  7. Intermediate Lead/Follow Skills
  8. Popular Social Patterns 
  9. Basic Dips and Tricks
  10. Dance’s Signature Motions


dance lessons questions
Confident Dancer

A confident dancer is the social dancer whom is the most enjoyable to dance with. They understand their role and know how to treat their partner well.


These dancers can problem solve on the fly and is attractive as they move with any level of dancer.

Using our accelerated learning system it only takes approximately 21 – 28 hours of personal training to be fully confident in one dance.

A confident dancer understands at an assured level:

  1. 5 Elements of dancing
  2. Highest Functioning Frame
  3. Elevated Posture
  4. All Dance positions
  5. 6 Directional Movements
  6. 3+ Dance’s Timing
  7. Lead and Follow
  8. Attractive Social Patterns
  9. Advanced Dips and Tricks
  10. Dance’s Signature Motions
  11. Dance’s Signature Style


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dance classes and lessons?

Private dance lessons range from $45 – $90 depending on your teacher and what you enroll for. Why the difference? Well, we have discount programs available for new students and those who buy in bulk. Throughout the year we may run specials and specific dance teachers and coaches may be higher or lower depending on their certifications and  competitive accolades.

*5 money saving tips*

  • Make your lesson appointments a standing, reoccurring time or schedule at least 3 lessons out.
  • Reviewing our bulk discounts will allow you to be prepared, to budget and to of course save on cost. Pay ahead, online or in person.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your lesson to warm yourself up and stay after 15- 20 minutes to practice what you just learned.
  • Take written and video notes of what you learned.
  • Take lessons close together. Regardless of how many lessons you take, frequency is a key in helping you make them count. You will feel more progress, more able and far more confident if you do not keep forgetting what you have paid to learn.

Is the price per person or does it include a couple?

The appointment of a dance lesson can be shared with anyone (up to 3 people at a time). You can take the lesson by yourself, share it with a friend, family, loved one and even gift them. Share your passion; a student may want a friend or family member to try dancing so have them join in on your lesson for free. Great way to inspire others!

What are the benefits of learning as a couple?

Learning to dance with friends, family and loved ones is an activity you can share without electronics. Dancing together builds on your relationship in ways you never thought possible. You will learn a lot about your cherished ones as you share, grow and challenge each other in exciting new ways. All types of couples are encouraged and welcome.

Do I need a dance partner?

Learning how to dance is very individual and is a lot like having a personal trainer. Having a dance partner is definitely NOT required and when learning solo you will learn 3x – 5x faster this way than with a student partner.

Who will be my teacher?

Your teacher will be paired with you depending on your location and availability. All of our instructors are fun and easy going and we try and pair you with the one that fits the best. You can read about them on the page Staff

Will there be other’s there when I take my lesson?

Sometimes other lessons may be going on at the same time yours is, sometimes not. Your teacher will be there to guide you through your lesson and the awkward feelings that may arise as you learn.

How long are dance lessons?

Dance lessons are sold in 60 min increments. That breaks down to 45 – 50 minutes of instruction, 5 minutes of warm up and 5- 10 minutes to wrap up, take notes, video recaps, payments and planning your next appointment. Planning for your dancing is done during your lesson appointment.

What time do you have classes and dance lessons?

Dance lessons are offered by appointment 7 days a week from 10 am – 10 pm. You pick the time you would like to do your personal lesson based off of the open availability of your instructor..We recommend picking a standard set time for all your lessons or scheduling out ahead at least 3 lessons.

  • So where are you located? We have several locations we teach at throughout southern Arizona. You pick the location that works best for you. Find more on Locations

What kind of dances do you offer?

We teach 25 different dance styles which increase when you consider the American, International and Country versions. For a full list, visit our curriculum page.

What is the easiest dance to learn?

There are only a few dances that we do not recommend as a beginner because of the athleticism required however all dances can be done at a beginner level. The easiest one to learn will be the one that you have always wanted to do or goes best to the type of music you like!

What should I expect?

Expect it to take time and repetition to learn how to dance. Although we will have you moving after your first lesson, in order to achieve confidence in any skill, it takes time doing it. In order to remember and apply what we teach you, expect to practice.  Eventually expect to need dance shoes. ABOVE all expect to have a great time!

What if I have no co-ordination? No balance? What if… I can’t learn to dance???

All you need to do is decide if you want to learn how to ballroom dance or not. The rest is up to your teacher!

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