Ballroom Dancing: Dance Styles and Curriculum

Welcome. Let’s begin with a list of what ballroom dances we teach.

Professional American Smooth:Professional American Rhythm:Regional Dances:Professional International Standard:
WaltzRumbaHustlePaso Doble
TangoCha Cha ChaSalsaQuickstep
FoxtrotEast Coast SwingCountry Western Dances
Viennese WaltzWest Coast SwingNight-Club 2 Step
SambaArgentine Tango
MamboLindy Hop (Savoy Lindy, Charleston, Balboa)

Now, how the heck do we know what we are doing?


We teach from the Dance Vision International Dance Association Syllabus (DVIDA ©). This educational program is recognized by the National Dance Council of America and by the Canadian Dance Teachers Association as their official American Style Syllabus.

So what does that all mean to you as a student?

Well it means that we didn’t just make up our own steps!  It tells you that we teach a universally accepted dance language; one that you can carry wherever your life may lead you. It also says that this is a real education with structure and purpose and that purpose… is to have fun! It is so much more fun to dance when you know what you are doing. However, fear not: this doesn’t mean we will push you to be a professional dancer or competitor unless that is your personal goal.


At The Ballroom Dance School your dance education is all about what you want out of dance!

Come close and I will tell you a secret…

When you learn to ballroom dance for the first time you often stumbles into an immaculate world you never knew existed. Seemingly so foreign to the newcomer; the world of ballroom dancing has a culture of its own. It is important to know that to become a ballroom dancer you must take personal dance instruction. You receive 75% of your dance skills through private dance lessons.

Ballroom dancing is made up of complex body movements that humans do not have the capability to solely learn by observation or in  taking a bunch group classes. Simply put; ballroom dance is a physical skill and our bodies must be programmed with muscle memory in order to achieve any functional physical skill. This is also why anyone can dance! Age, injury or disability may limit the extent of one’s dance ability but it cannot prevent you from learning to dance, oh no, only fear can do that.



  1. So who will be my teacher? Your teacher will be paired with you depending on your location and availability. All of our instructors are fun and easy going and we try and pair you with the one that fits the best. You can read about them on the page Staff
  2. Will there be other’s there when I take my lesson? Sometimes other lessons may be going on at the same time yours is, sometimes not. Your teacher will be there to guide you through your lesson and the awkward feelings that may arise as you learn.
  3. What time are the lessons? The lessons usually start on the hour and are 55 minutes long. You pick the time you would like to do your personal lesson based off of the open availability of your instructor and your own.
  4. Where will they be? We have several locations we teach at throughout southern Arizona. You pick the location that works best for you. Find more on Locations
  5. Is the price per person or does it include a couple? The price of a personal lesson includes that of two. Both individuals do not have to be present for a lesson and you can start out solo and add a partner later or vice versa. This is not just for dates; a dancer may want a friend or family member to try dancing and have them join in on their lesson for free. Great way to inspire others!
  6. Do you teach kids? Yes we do! Learning to dance has so many benefits for our youth and we offer special discounts for those under 18.
  7. What is the easiest dance to learn? There are only a few dances that we do not recommend as a beginner because of the athleticism required however all dances can be done at a beginner level. The easiest one to learn will be the one that goes best to the type of music you like!
  8. What if I have no co-ordination? No balance? What if… I can’t learn to ballroom dance???

All you need to do is decide if you want to learn how to ballroom dance or not. The rest is up to your teacher!



“Love this dance school, especially Stacey and Tim, instructors. They are both so fun and are unbelievable dancers. Don’t hesitate to sign up for lessons.” -Daina Barron

“I love the lessons I’ve taken with Tim at The Ballroom Dance School. Both Stacey and Tim have so much enthusiasm and are great dancers AND teachers.” -Dodie  Prescott

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